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Loon Lakes Management Association


PO Box 50
Antioch, IL 60002
Phone: 773-775-7414

In the late 1970’s The Loon Lakes Management Association was formed by a group of volunteer homeowners. They came together for the purpose of handling any concerns they had regarding the lakes.

In 1989 a Special Service Tax Area (SSA) was set up for the purpose of providing funding for the care and maintenance of the lakes. The LLMA, by then representing all property owners in subdivisions around the lake, was named to work in a stewardship role with the SSA.

Today, the objectives of the LLMA are to provide a coordinated and unified effort for the implementation of policies and programs for the long-term management, restoration and protection of East and West Loon lakes in Antioch, IL, including the management of the lakes’ watersheds and other natural resources and manmade features within the defined SSA area.

The LLMA works together with the Illinois Department of Resource and the Lake County Lakes Management Unit towards these goals.

Join Us for The LLMA Picnic!

August 21, 11:00AM-4:00PM

It’s the Loon Lakes Management Association Annual Picnic/Fundraiser!

Come on by to the Annual Loon Lakes Management Association Picnic/Fundraiser. Enjoy a hotdog or hamburger and mingle with your local neighbors. While there, enter our raffles for a chance to win great prizes and donate to our Loon Lakes Dredging Project. We are raising money to dredge between East and West Loon Lakes to benefit the neighbors on both lakes to increase the health of the lakes.

For more information, call 630-222-7495 or visit the website at or the Facebook site at

Download the picnic poster here: