Authentic Antioch

Lions Club

P.O. Box 324
Antioch, IL 60002
Phone: 855-777-8987

The Antioch Lions Club was organized in 1937 to become an outstanding service organization contributing to the civic, cultural, social, recreational and moral welfare of the community. Over the past seven decades it has lived up to its charter.


The Antioch Lions Club has provided eye exams and glasses along with hearing aids to Village residents in need and specialized hearing equipment to students at all grade levels. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, Food Baskets are distributed to those in the community which are less fortunate than most.

The Club has provided thousands of dollars and man-hours to support community and needy causes. To name a few – the annual Candy Day, Diabetes Awareness Day, the collection of thousands of pairs of glasses each year, local flood relief, Seeing Eye Dogs, sizable donation to the Osmond Park Project, the Fire Department, and the Aqua Center, and six annual scholarships presented to Antioch Community High School students.

The Antioch Lions are truly people caring for people!