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Antioch Township


1625 Deep Lake Rd.
Lake Villa, IL 60046
Phone: 847-395-3378


Antioch Township is composed of Township 46, north, Range 10 east, and that part of Township 46, north, Range 9, lying on the west, belonging to Lake County, being four miles in width, making the whole length of the Township 10 miles by 6 in width.  The Township is bounded on the north by Wisconsin, on the east by Newport, on the south by Avon, and on the west by McHenry County.

Antioch Township has, within its borders, 18 Lakes: Dunn Lake, Stevens Lake, Grass Lake, Lake Maria, Channel Lake, Lake Catharine, Silver Lake, Loon Lake, Deer Lake, Crapo Lake, Crooked Lake, Deep Lake, Sun Lake, Cedar Lake, Petite Lake, Handkerchief Lake, Bluff Lake, and Hastings Lake.

There are 4 other Lakes which lie partly in other Townships, as follows: Overton Lake, Cross Lake, Fox Lake, and Hurlburt Lake.  Most of the Lakes in this Township are equally beautiful with those of the other Townships in the County, and their average size is about the same.

In addition to the foregoing Lakes, Antioch Township is watered by the Fox river, Otter creek, Sequoit creek, the North branch of Mill creek, Hastings creek, and Petite creek.  Upon Sequoit creek, there is an excellent saw mill, situated in the Village of Antioch, which was built by Hiram Butrick in 1839.

Antioch Township Services

  • General Assistance
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Senior Transportation Program
  • Temporary Disabled Parking Permits
  • Vehicle Stickers for Antioch Township Residents
  • RTA Reduced Fare Applications
  • Dial-A-Ride Pace Bus
  • Voters Registration
  • Applications for Absentee Voting
  • Notary Service

Antioch Township