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It’s Thursday, It’s Rockin’ at “The Shell”

Antioch's 2017 Queens, Miss Antioch Jessica 'J-La' Lamberty, Junior Miss Adalia Tate, and Little Miss Adriana Thornton warm up the crowd before the second It's Thursday concert.

Antioch's own Logan Ramey, 12, channels a bit of Elvis as the opening act at the second 'It's Thursday' concert held at The Shell.

The rock group Cover Kings Band perform at the second 'It's Thursday' concert held at The Shell on Thursday, June 22.

Antioch’s Queens, twelve-year-old Logan Ramey, and the Cover Kings Band entertained area residents at the second “It’s Thursday” concert held at the Shell, 900 Skidmore Dr., on Thursday, June 22.

Logan’s solo performance preceded the evening’s main act, Cover Kings Band. He has won the Elvis impersonator junior youth division title in Branson, Missouri in both 2016 and 2017 and will be appearing at the Genesee theater in Waukegan on July 6. The young Antioch resident will be in Memphis this August to compete in the Elvis impersonator competition in Presley’s hometown.

The Antioch Parks and Recreation Department sponsors the concert series which runs through August 10.

Next week’s concert at “the Shell” will feature the Top 40 modern country music performers, Dixie Crush.

For more information about future Parks and Recreation events call 847-395-2160 or visit their website at< hr>

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