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For Antioch-Area Moms & Daughters It Was BINGO!

Another 17 photos were added on Thursday, May 4.

Area grandmothers, mothers, and daughters spent a pre-Mothers Day afternoon together at this year’s Mother-Daughter Bingo and Luncheon held at the Antioch Senior Center, 817 Holbek Dr., on Sunday, April 30.

It was the third year that bingo was the attraction for the special social. Upon arrival, each of the attendees posed for an event photograph and then enjoyed a meal before the serious business of bingo started. Attendance required two separate seatings.

The bingo and raffle prizes were supplied by local merchants and the village.

For more information about the fun recreational and educational events held all year long in the village, call Parks and Recreation at 847-395-2160.

Following are a few of the photos taken at the event:

The only incident to take place at the Sunday event involved one unidentified shady attendee who loudly shouted 'BINGO!' apparently winning the game. Upon checking her card, however, it was revealed, in fact, that she was actually several numbers short of having a winning game. The ne'er-do-well was duly put to shame by those sitting near her and made to play the rest of the event with cards whose numbers were written in Roman numerals.

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