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UPDATE: The Antioch Traveling Closet Is Now A 501(c)(3)!

UPDATE: Great News! ATC = 501(c)(3)

Lisa Fisher reports that The Antioch Traveling Closethas been approved as a 501(c)(3) organization!

Congratulations, Lisa!

   A long line forms as area residents get ready to to visit the latest edition of the Antioch Traveling Closet outside of the Antioch Senior Center, 817 Holbek Dr., on Sunday, April 2. Nearly 250 area residents turned out for the event, a new record.

   A large crowd of area residents pack the latest edition of the Antioch Traveling Closet at the Antioch Senior Center.

April 2nd saw the latest and biggest edition of the Antioch Traveling Closet held at the Antioch Senior Center. The event was the fifth in the series of Traveling Closets courtesy of the organizer of the Traveling Closet, Lisa Fisher, and the many volunteers and contributors who work with her to make the affair the growing success it has become. Sunday’s event drew almost 250 individuals, with 85% of them being from Antioch proper.

The purpose of the Traveling Closet is to offer to those in need a wide selection of donated clothing, toiletries, cleaning supplies that they can put to good use, all free of charge. It was Fisher’s belief that, if the follow-through effort were there, residents and businesses in the Antioch area would make available new and slightly used clothing at no cost to less fortunate.

Also on hand again were four hairstylists offering free haircuts to all wanting to look their springtime best.

It is Fisher’s only hope that items selected by visitors to the ATC actually be used by those taking them. She said the next Traveling Closet is scheduled for August 20. The event will center around a “back-to-school” theme. She hopes to collect school supplies, as well as school clothing for the area’s buddin scholars.

To volunteer, or to make a donation to the Antioch Traveling Closet, email Lisa Fisher at

(Header/hero photo: A pair of red high heels catches the eye of fashion maven Hailey Cox, 2, at the latest edition of the Antioch Traveling Closet, left. Evelyn Kondenar, 10, checks the size of one of the many garments on display at the latest edition of the Antioch Traveling Closet, right.)

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