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APLD’s Light-Brite Board Available to Little Picassos!

Children's Services Manager Kim Zupkoff watches as two of her young patrons, sisters Adelaide, 8, center, and Raelin Cerney, 6, put the finishing touches on their 'brilliant' creation in the Children's Department of the Antioch Public Library District.

Evelyn Kondenar, 10, puts the finishing touches on her tribute to the Chicago Cubs on the new Light-Bright Board located in the Children's Department of the Antioch Public Library District (APLD) on Saturday, April 1.

The Antioch Public Library District (APLD), under the watchful eye of Children’s Services Manager Kim Zupkoff, unveiled their new “light bright board” which was installed in late March. Zupkoff refers to the new feature as “an interactive art installation.”

Located in the Children’s Department of the library, it is comprised of a large black board containing hundreds of holes and multi-colored acrylic cylinders used by young patrons, and some not-so-young, to channel their inner artiste.

The cylinders are inserted into holes in the board. They pass through a door exposing super-bright LED backlighting which shines through the cylinder causing a circle of light colored the same as that cylinder. Children are then able to exhibit their creativity by fashioning lighted letters, words, and artwork of their own design.

To find out more about what’s going on at APLD, located at 757 Main St., visit their website at

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