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Village Braintrust Meets the 22 Push-Up Challenge

From bottom to top, Antioch Community High School (ACHS) Principal Dr. Bradford Hubbard, Trustee Ted Poulos, Trustee Jerry Johnson, Mayor Larry Hanson, an unidentified ACHS student, and Antioch Police Chief Steve Huffman take part in the 22 Push-Up Challenge.

The Antioch Village Board, the braintrust of the community, showed they had the brawn, as well, by hitting the deck for the 22 Push-Up Challenge during the Village Board Meeting at the Antioch Village Hall, 874 Main St., on Monday, Feb 20.

The Challenge was started by an organization named 22Kill which has asked individuals and groups to upload videos of themselves doing push-ups. The group hopes to collect videos of 22 million push-ups being done.

The number 22 was cited from a report by the Department of Veterans Affairs which determined that, on average, 22 veterans commit suicide each day in the United States. The Challenge is meant to both honor the men and women who have served the country and to raise awareness for the prevention of veteran suicides through empowerment and education.

The Wauconda Police Department challenged Chief Huffman and the Antioch Police Department to complete the 22 push-up quest which they successfully did. In turn, Chief Huffman challenged a number of other local police departments including Lake Villa, Lindenhurst, and Schaumburg, ACHS, and a surprised Village Board to do the same.

The high school and the Board successfully completed the task. It was reported that Mayor Hanson surpassed the target with a 23rd push-up. To find out more about the 22 Push-Up Challenge, visit the 22Kill website at

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