Authentic Antioch

Mobsters & Molls Attend The Gala Daddy-Daughter Dance

It was a trip back in time on Saturday, February 4, at the Antioch Upper Grade School (AUGS), 800 Highview Dr.

It was the 2017 edition of the Daddy-Daughter Dance and the theme for the evening’s event was The Roaring Twenties. Hundreds of girls, young women, dads, granddads, and substitute dads attended the popular event dressed to the nines as flappers, mobsters, and other characters from that colorful period in American history.

Each attendee received a commemorative photo, an ice cream sundae served at the local speakeasy, aka, the AUGS cafeteria, and a special gift, not to mention the memories of a wonderful evening with their special date.

Moms and sons get their chance next at the Exotic Animal Show and Lunch on Sunday, March 5. For more information about this and other upcoming events, contact the Parks and Recreation office, 806 Holbek Dr. or call 847-395-2160.

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