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Pearl Harbor Historical Presentation at APLD

Historian Jim Gibbons, right, answers questions about Pearl Harbor for attendees, left to right, Jeanne and Fred Thomas, and Deb and Mike Racette, at the Antioch Public Library District.

APLD's Pearl Harbor event as it appears in the January 11 edition of the HiLiter.

Historian Jim Gibbons was on hand to give his once-postponed presentation on the Pearl Harbor attack at the Antioch Public Library District (APLD), 757 Main St., on Sunday, January 8.

Gibbons’ presentation, which included posters, diagrams, and a slide show, traced the origins of the attack from a half-century earlier in the time of Queen Victoria through the many subsequent foreign entanglements which eventually led to World War II.

His program was originally scheduled for the more appropriate month of December but was postponed because of the heavy snowfalls that occurred.

Gibbons is slated to return to the APLD later this year for two other presentations on Princess Diana and Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.

For more information on programs held at the APLD for young and old alike, contact the library by calling 847-395-0874 or visit their website at For more information on Jim Gibbons, visit his website at

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