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Antioch’s Most Complete Community Calendar!


Authentic Antioch has the most complete community calendar around to track village and organization events and meetings–and you can link and sync your personal calendars to Authentic Antioch whether they are running on Mac OS, iOS, Android, or Windows devices! Once done, when the Authentic Antioch calendar is updated, your calendar will update, as well!

Information on the calendar is as complete and accurate as we can make it, including background information, dates, times, and maps–but we rely on your organization to help keep it up to date.

Simply link your calendar to:

following the instructions available for your particular calendar. Below are three links to sites which offer instructions on syncing calendars.


To submit an event or meeting you’d like listed on the calendar, click the Contact Us ==> “Submit Event” link on the Authentic Antioch menu bar and enter the information. After review, it will be posted to the Authentic Antioch calendar.

Submit an Event

Submit your event to the Community Calendar

2 Comments on “Antioch’s Most Complete Community Calendar!

  1. Hi, Cindy. Visitors to the website are not able to add information to the Community Calendar or posts directly. Images or text must be submitted to Authentic Antioch using the appropriate form under the Contact Us selection on the menubar.

    You can let us know about your organization’s or business’ news or upcoming events, you can submit information about your organization or business (in turn, we’ll create a webpage on Authentic Antioch that will lead other users to your website), or you can submit comments or questions about Authentic Antioch.

  2. I just submitted an event, the Antioch Garden Club Plant Sale.
    I’d like to add more photos, especially of the Sale’s poster.
    How do I do this?

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