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Antioch Queens Triple Crown and a Tribute to a Hero!


Melissa Nettgen, 19, second from right, reacts as she hears that she has been selected to be the next Miss Antioch during this year's pageant. She is flanked by her fellow competitors, left to right, Abigail Russell, 17, Jessica DeLara, 21, Sarah Opolka, 17, and Jessica Lamberty, 16, far right. Out of frame in the photo is the seventh of seven competitors for the Miss title, Elizabeth Taylor, 17.


The new Miss Antioch, Melissa Nettgen, 19, is all smiles as she receives her crown from the 2015 Miss Antioch, Jasmine DeLara, 18, right, while outgoing queens Little Miss Antioch, Bella Dusek, 8, and Junior Miss Antioch, Aliya Rhodes, 14, look on.


The new Junior Miss Antioch, Noelle Roskopf, 15, receives her crown from outgoing queen, Aliya Rhodes, 14, during the Miss Antioch Pageant.


Outgoing Little Miss Antioch Bella Dusek, 8, strains to place the crown on her successor, Scarlett Victor, 9, at the Miss Antioch Pageant.


Hilter, 6/22 edition in Antioch-Trevor, Lindenhurst-Lake Villa-Fox Lake, and Richmond-Johnsburg.

Antioch residents gathered at the Antioch Community High School, 1133 Main St., on Saturday, June 18, for the annual Miss Antioch Pageant. A new trio of local royalty was selected to replace the outgoing queens, 2015 Miss Antioch, Jasmine DeLara, 18, Junior Miss Antioch, Aliya Rhodes, 14, and Little Miss Antioch, Bella Dusek, 8.

The young ladies who stood at the top of the crop were Melissa Nettgen, 19, who was crowned the 2016 Miss Antioch, the new Junior Miss Antioch, Noelle Roskopf, 15 and the new Little Miss Antioch, Scarlett Victor, 9.

The new Queens will be representing Antioch at events and festivals both in the village and throughout Lake County.

The pageant is sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. For more information about future events, visit the Parks and Recreation website at To learn more about the work done by the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help children with life-threatening illnesses, visit the local chapter’s website at

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