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Beat the Heat, Wet Your Feet

Aqua Center Heat WaveAqua Center Heat Wave

A Parks and Recreation lifeguard keeps a vigilant eye over the children's area on a crowded day at the Antioch Aqua Center.

Aqua Center Heat Wave Aqua Center Heat Wave

Last week's heat wave sent residents, young and old, to the Antioch Aqua Center for a bit of relief.

The hottest weather yet to hit the Village this summer caused many to seek a bit of relief and fun at the Antioch Aqua Center in Williams Park, 741 Main St., this past week.

Temperatures last week topped the 90-degree mark on several days and were complimented by a stifling humidity and occasionally heavy rains.

The Center, now in its third year of operation, offered welcomed cooling to both adults and children during the heat wave.

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